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Cover from China Daily, ASIA WEEKLY • DECEMBER 24-30, 2010.

Aug 30th 2010

Ten Eighty is proud to be a part of the Emmy winning Visual Effects team for HBO’s “The Pacific.”  The series, which won a total of 8 Emmys including Outstanding Mini-Series for Television, is the largest made-for-tv series in the history of television, with a budget of US$120 million.

Ten Eighty worked closely with visual effects firm Base FX on the Peleliu landing sequence in Episode 5, which required filming a series of live explosions required for the sequence.  Ten Eighty sourced the Special Effects Supervisor, and produced all aspects of the live action shoot in Beijing, China.

“We couldn’t have done it without Noah,” said Chris Bremble, Visual Effects Supervisor for Base FX.  “He came through on a moments notice.  We had vacillated between cg and live action elements for a few weeks, and once we saw some tests, we knew it had to be live action.  I had Noah on the phone ten minutes later, and that weekend we were filming some massive explosions; we rolled three cameras on everything, and got more than necessary but just what we needed.  The day was one of the best I’ve had in production.”