This is the BLOG.


Teneighty is proud to have completed an 8 day shoot in Shanghai for INTEL with international commercial photographer, Andric (

We would like to thank all known Gods and deities who conspired to provide record clear atmosphere with big blue skis and puffy white clouds. Unprecedented!

Teneighty Productions is pleased to have provided plate shots of Shanghai for the hyperactive opening scene of Hollywood blockbuster THIS MEANS WAR.

Teneighty producer, Noah Weinzweig, scouted and accessed one of the best rooftop views of Shanghai for the epic building jump in the opening scene.

Teneighty is honored to have produced the final scene for Oscar award winning producer Peter Fudakowski’s directorial debut – Secret Sharer. Utilizing Teneighty’s extensive industrial network in China, we secured one of the largest factories in the world for Peter’s epic movie ending. Congrats Peter – you deserve that cigar!

Teneighty’s EP Noah Weinzweig leads an ambitious seven country shoot for Coca Cola to document their CSR projects across the region. The campaign will produce seven short films and TVCs highlighting Coke CSR projects in: Philippines, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

Teneighty shoots its 4th BMW Television Commercial. Locked off an entire bridge in Beijing. As close to a miracle as you can come…

In yet another successful cooperation with 39 Degrees North, Teneighty provided full production services for new Mcdonalds spot, shot in Beijing.

The shoot was temporarily interrupted by the wrath of God mid-way through the production when the skies over Beijing opened up, without warning or advance forecast, and spilled an ocean full of water and one inch hail stones onto the city. Luckily this happened just before leaving the studio and ended in time to use the remaining day light to get our last exterior.

Teneighty’s partner company, Redgate Rentals, takes possession of China’s first RED EPIC camera!

Teneighty Productions would like to thank 39 Degrees North for their supernatural creativity and execution of 1080’s new website. There will be much rejoicing and appropriate celebrations with meat, brew and maidens!